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When Patrick, a rural college student helps his grandfather at work in the Hatchie Hills, he discovers an ancient Native American mystery of Biblical importance. Patrick’s discovery begins a sequence of bewildering events, both evil and good, that plunges the reader into an overwhelming flood of historical revelations. Feel the flight-or-fight adrenaline rush as you join Patrick and unravel ancient mysteries in the Hatchie Hills.

Book 2 - The Golden Chalice

Read the first chapter of Book 2!

In Hatchie and the Golden Chalice, Patrick is swept deeper into ancient mysteries and discovers the astounding power of a gold chalice from Solomon’s temple. New surprising characters are introduced who weave the past into the present in a fascinating way.


Ed “Doc” Holliday is a dentist and author living in Tupelo, Mississippi. He enjoys hiking, history, and spending time with his wife and children. Growing up, he helped his family on their tree farm in the Northeast Mississippi hills beside the Little Hatchie River.

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